Aims and Objectives

Bankers Almanac has been in existence for over 150 years as an annual volume of books for the banking industry. It is primarily used by banks to asses the credit rating of other banks and countries from around the world.

While the books in their previous form were a useful reference tool they quickly became out of date. There was an apparent need to move them online so that the data could be changed more quickly. The second driver was that the books were hard to use so the new online system should provide bankers with the tools they need to do their job more effectively.



The development team at RBI had started work with requirements gathering from their existing client base and had also started with sketching some ideas. I was brought in to help them galvanise these ideas, sketches and requirements  and turn them into a full set of annotated wireframes which they could use to start building their system from.

I worked in house with the client for a number of months iteratively developing the IA and interactions in this complicated web app, interpreting the clients requirements and working closely with subject matter experts. I also assisted them in training with basic UX  skills and helped them conduct usability testing with the end users.



The finished product launched fully in August 2011 and I was pleased to see closely matched the wireframes I had developed during my time on the project.