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Downloadable User Story Templates - Now with added UX!

Today I spent a bit of time putting together some UX flavoured templates for our user stories which I thought I'd share with you. As you can see from the screen grab below the templates themselves are pretty standard but I've added some UCD goodness to keep the team focused on who we are building this for but at the same time keeping it true to Scrum. User Story Template

Because I produced the templates for my own use I've not included any guides or a key with the templates. Below is a brief overview of the various elements:

  • ID - User story unique identifier
  • Wireframe No. - Area or wireframe page which user story refers to
  • Priority - Business priority (just in case it falls off the wall!)
  • Est. Size - Estimated size (durr!)
  • PIctures on LH side - Pictures of personas. Replace the placeholders with the pictures you use for your personas and cross out the pictures which story is not relevant to. This will help the product owner when prioritising the backlog and also act as a reminder to the rest of the team.
  • User story - Nick would like to _____ in order to ______ etc etc
  • Boxes in bottom LH side - These statements refer to the Kano method which we use as part of user testing as a way of validating the various features. The reason why we include them on the story card is to help the product owner when prioritising the backlog. More on this here.
  • Boxes on bottom RH side - These are our acceptance criteria for user stories. All of the stories must have been through a round of user testing, passed unit testing and also been signed off as acceptable by the Product Owner.

Feel free to download the original Omnigraffle file or the PDF and amend it to suit your needs. They're double sided so if you have access to a duplex printer you can print two double sided templates per page of A4. If you have any feedback or suggestions please do let me know!

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