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UX Job Interview Tips

NOTE: I originally posted this to the UX Freelancers group on LinkedIn but I still get asked a lot of questions about it so I thought I'd put it up here as well. Not really UX related as such but having sat through a day of interviewing UX/IA freelancers yesterday I came away with a few of observations which you may find useful:

1) Don't sit there quoting passages from UX books and studies It doesn't make you sound clever, you sound like a parrot! Interviewers want to know what insight you can bring to the project not how many books you've read or conferences you've attended. Remember that the person interviewing you is unlikely to be a seasoned UX professional so won't know what you are talking about anyway.

2) Do the research Its a bit obvious this one but I asked the candidates to take a look at the existing website and to offer some thoughts on how they'd go about improving it. I wasn't after a full blown redesign just some comments. It was immediately obvious that some people had only taken a cursory glance at the site and others had put some real thought into it. The person who put the most thought into it got the gig.

3) Keep your portfolio relevant Time is short and Interviewers would rather see one example of a project which closely matches the work they want done and for you to go into some detail about the process and decisions that were made rather than a history of everything you've ever done. Also make sure you show some of the iterations of the wireframes and use that to illustrate the journey you went on.

So thats it. It was a nice to sit on the other side of the table for a change and I learnt a lot which I'll be using next time I'm looking for freelance work. Has anyone else got any tips to offer?

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