Information Architect

Freelance Information Architect

As part of the information design service I offer I work as a freelance IA or information architect; reorganising the content on your website so that its easier for your users to navigate and find relevant content. 

Typically this work entails:

  • Conducting extensive content audits on existing websites, logging all of the pages along with key information like page visits, owners and whether the page will be kept as is, rewritten or deleted in the new website.

  • Analysing quantitive (eg. Google Analytics) and qualitative research (eg. User and stakeholder interviews, card sorts) to help develop user journeys for the new site.

  • Mapping content against users journeys to develop a flexible IA or site map which will grow as the site does while allowing users to easily complete their goals

  • Developing taxonomies to classify content. The taxonomy will be used to structure site searches, filters. Groups of taxonomies can be combined to provide relevant onward journeys for site users with related content.

  • Validating the information architecture and taxonomy through user research methods like tree tests.

Examples of my freelance information architect work can be found in these projects