Mat Walker Services

UX Design, Strategy & Research Services


The digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving. I work with with organisations to help them understand and take advantage of this newly emerging landscape. I work with key stakeholders within the organisation to understand their business objectives and define their response. I have a number fo tried and tested methods to do this such as:

  • User journey mapping workshops

  • Organisational digital maturity matrix

  • Digital strategy and transformation

  • Design Sprint facilitation

  • Competitor analysis

  • Design principles

User research

Effective user insight is critical to the success of (most) projects. Without it we are merely trying to second guess what the user needs are and what problems they are trying to solve with your product or service. I employ a large array of techniques and methods to help unearth these needs including:

  • Contextual inquiries and ethnographic research

  • Interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Usability testing (local, remote or lab based)

  • Diary studies

  • Surveys and questionnaires

  • Card sorts

  • Tree tests

  • Website and app analytics research

Interaction Design

I am not a visual designer but I have an eye for design and am skilled in creating thoughtful and engaging user experiences based on research outcomes. I have a rigorous and detailed approach to design based on iteratative design methods

  • User Journey creation and optimisation

  • Pattern library and design systems

  • Wireframes and interactive prototypes

  • Sketching and paper prototyping

  • Responsive design for web

  • App design for mobile and tablet (Android, iOS),

  • App design for interactive and connected TV

Leadership and Mentoring

I'm lucky enough to have worked in this area for a number of years. This experience has lead me into senior management roles either as an employee or in an advisory capacity. I can help you find the best people, train them in UX and implement best practice across your organisation.

  • Design team organisational structure setup

  • Recruitment

  • Mentoring

  • UX training




Information Design

There is more to designing effective digital products than producing wireframes. A good digital product needs a solid foundation and structure from which interactions and engaging copy can be hung. I've done many IA projects in the past employing some of the following techniques:

  • User journey mapping and optimisation

  • Content strategy

  • Information architecture

  • Taxonomy design

  • Domain modelling


Proof of Concept and innovation

Many organisations are either in the process of setting up or have set up innovation labs in recent years. They are keen to explore rapid production techniques to bring new products to the market which have been tested with customers. I've worked on a few such projects in the educational and energy sectors and I can help with developing these proof of concept projects or help you setup your own internal innovation lab.

  • Design sprints

  • Market analysis

  • User research

  • Idea generation techniques and workshops